Substances and behaviors can become our way of coping with life. They can create dependency and can be difficult to manage.

Whether is alcohol, tobacco, medicines or major risk drugs, substances can be our best friends and our enemies at the same time.

Dependency of a substance relies on a compulsive behavior that is highly rewarding. If you can get closer to who you are or who you want to be only when you are numbed by a substance, then you will naturally want to re-experience that over and over again.

Any behavior that becomes compulsive in your life and makes you struggle to control it, is also at risk of becoming your addiction. This can include but is not limited to eating, exercising, working, shopping, internet, gambling, porn, tattoos, cosmetic procedures, love & courting, sex, etc.

Addiction has a complex constellation of causes and consequences. It affects family life, work and social relationships, and it can bring us on the verge of despair and self-destruction.

It is followed by lack of motivation, procrastination, low mood and depression, fear and anxiety, irrational thinking, perception disturbance, antisocial behavior, eating disorders, financial struggles, isolation and so on.

Addiction can be managed when people are willing to do the inner work. There are many models in practice in the world nowadays, including a variety of rehabs and the 12 Steps programmes which have now extended outside the alcohol groups and are offering support to people that need to recover from their other substance or behavior struggles.

What I offer extra is that my talking therapies will work not only with your issues, but also with their causes. The solution is not to remove substances or behaviours from your life, but to help you understand what is causing the need for that escape. Once you reach that understanding and you connect with the core of you in a sober state, you will be able to reach clarity on your life experience, forgive and heal, and will not longer feel the need for that substance of behavior to make you feel alive.

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