Fear is essential to our being. We survive and thrive because of fear. It keeps us alert, careful, it makes us concentrate, pay attention to the outer world and it protects us from illness, accidents and injuries.

There is, however, another aspect to our fear. It can become negative, compulsive and life debilitating.

Whether is fear of death, fear of being hurt, fear of being abandoned, fear of losing someone dear, fear of losing a job and financial security, fear of not performing well enough, fear before exams and interviews, fear of accidents, and so on, when our inner feelings become too profound, they can impact on our day to day living.

Some of us manage our fears and keep them under control, but others learn to function in worrying patterns and when they reach high levels we call it anxiety.

You might have fear of speaking in public, fear of spiders, fear of snakes, fear of blood, fear of closed spaces, fear of open spaces, fear of flying, fear of illness, etc., and they can also make your life difficult. Sometimes we manage those fears, but other times they become hard to cope with. We call them phobias.

In some of us, fear settles in suddenly, bringing terrifying feelings and an overall sense of apprehension also a multitude of physiological responses. This fear can be an isolated attack or a series of similar experiences, in the presence or the absence of real dangerous circumstances. We call them panic attacks.

What these experiences have in common is the overall feeling of discomfort, distress, irrational reactions, intrusive thoughts and significant physiological modifications. In the event you experience fear in a range of life situations, we call this generalized anxiety.

Our response to life circumstances, or the level of anxiety we experience, is highly intertwined with all other aspects of your lives. Sometimes these manifestations come and go, but other times they come… and stay. They take residence into our minds and bodies and will not move out on their own.

In these circumstances, it is important to seek out for help because living in fear can make your inner life unpleasant and will deprive you from everything that human life is able to offer you each day.

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