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Common isssues in our programming 3

We do not account for our human nature


In our programming to deliver, achieve and perform we are trained to become perfect human beings and we forget we are evolved animals tormented by drives, instincts and conscious or unconscious desires.

We are told to deny our inner experience and we are expected to control ourselves. The pretense becomes our natural way of being and we lose sense of our authentic self and what is really meaningful to us deep down in our hearts.  

Our unstable human nature gets polished in sophisticated mindsets and behaviours and we insist on being recognised as unique to the point where we forget how similar we are in our life experience.

Human personality gets understood through standardized tests and not through our human adaptive nature. We forget that all people have the good and the evil in them, in the same way they have the beauty and the ugliness, the peace and the conflict, the calmness and the distress, the confidence and the uncertainty, the health and illness, and so on.

We like to follow polarised views and we think in terms of extremes, at times unable to see what is happening in between. This way we fail to acknowledge that everything comes in a pair in this universe, down to our genes and unique DNA.

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