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Common issues in our programming 2



Family, school and the world around us will teach us early in life to be perfect, to compete and win all the time. This can bring extreme pressure in our lives. 

Throughout life, we feel scrutinised, we get penalised for our errors and we are expected to enhance our strengths and improve our shortcomings. 

There is clear positive and negative reinforcement in all aspects of our lives and that keeps us in an alert mode of functioning, unable to relax and unable TO let go and just “be”.

In this space, there is no room for self-care and self-compassion and, sadly, most of us learn about these concepts at adult age.  

The fear of not being good enough is constant in our minds and our mood gets easily influenced from one moment to another. 

It can be very painful to live that way each day, but there is a way out. 

You can learn to accept your imperfect and unfinished creation and you can permanently transform your life the way you want.

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