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Common issues in our programming 4

We are seduced by idols and influencers


Our habit to put labels on everything includes our mental functioning as well. We fit it in a set of criteria and since we are programmed to be perfect and excel all the time we fail to acknowledge that our mental activity is fluctuating in an organic way.

Mental health and mental illness do not exist, they are social constructs invented by us, people. Whatever we are experiencing is a natural human  manifestation which is oscillating on a continuum of experience between well and unwell.

Yet, the medical model is very seductive and most time we follow it by default. Most people will rely on a medical practitioner or will follow the ideas of various idols and influencers placing themselves at risk of losing track of who they actually are and what is their purpose in life.

That can complicate their lives and can bring a lot of unnecesary distress. Luckily, there is a way out. 

We can choose to simplify our lives if we want to. We can choose to change our default functioning and edit our being to create lives we love living. 

Each second is an opportunity to change our lives and it is entirely up to us if we want to make that choice or waste it.

I say: trust yourself and do it. Because you are worthy!


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