Our mood level is very important because it correlates with our mental state and our inner life.

Mood is highly associated with our quality of life. We all feel down at times and high other times, and our wellbeing moves up and down on a continuum of life experience in an absolutely natural way.

However, when our mood moves down and remains there for weeks or months at a time, that can be very debilitating. It can impact our family life, work, social and educational commitments and can leave us lifeless and depressed.

Depression can make us feel unhappy, dissatisfied with our lives, not interested in socializing, in hobbies, work and studies. It can bring feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, also frustration and anger and it can make us feel tearful and desperate.

When clients come to see me they have fallen down into a low mood, they feel tired and lacking energy, they have low appetite and sex drive, they have sleep issues, they feel aches and pains and all sorts of other physiological sensations for a long period of time and they are depressed.

Deep levels of sadness are sometimes linked with social isolation and suicide ideation, attempt, or completion, therefore depression cannot be taken lightly.

Your low mood has an underlying cause and is without doubt related to other aspects of your life, so talking about your feelings and thoughts can be very helpful. 

In my work with my clients, my wellbeing packages have proven to very efficient in dealing with depression and have brought immediate benefits and amazing life changes.

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