Gold Packages

If you live a busy and demanding life, travel a lot and cannot manage a set of regular appointments then my powerful Gold Packages have been designed especially for you. You will absolutely love my Gold Packages structure and appreciate my flexibility and understanding of your circumstances. Whenever possible, I will travel for you and will meet you in the space where you feel safe and comfortable to explore your life, de-stress and find inner peace.

Based on my Personal Exploration Model, the Gold Packages are face to face intensive programmes, very popular within the creative industries and entrepreneurial world, that complement each other really well and can be taken in any desired order. They are fully personalised to your needs and allow for variation in structure & content.

My Gold Packages will guide you overcome your biggest life challenges and uncover those infinite resources of love, kindness, compassion, knowledge, strength, intuition and wisdom you hold inside. In this process you will know yourself, find clarity, move through conflicts, heal inner wounds and create a life you love living.

FREE from labels, diagnosis and evaluation. Pure personal exploration.

My Gold Packages are covered by full NDAs and take place in a respectful, private and confidential space. No names asked if no names given.

face to face ONLY | one to one only

Struggling with dilemmas or little upsets?

See how easily you can find your answers in 2 hours

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face to face only | one to one | couples | family | group of friends

Tired, drained and exhausted?

You don't have to go on holiday to unwind

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face to face ONLY | one to one | couples

Fed up with the weekly 50 min sessions?

Now you can do 6 therapy sessions in 3 days

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2 h+

face to face only | One to one | couples

Felling lost or deeply hurt?

Here is a quick way to regain balance in your life

one week
deep inner search holiday

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