1 Week Deep Inner Search Holiday

Book this package and have me working exclusively with you for an entire week, during your holiday away at your desired destination.

We will meet for 12 x 2 hour+ sessions over 6 days and have daily AM and PM meetings with space of reflection in between, plus a mid day 1 hour+ ending session on the 7th day, totaling 25 hours+ of personal exploration.

This One Week Deep Inner search Holiday is suitable for you if you are going through a life crisis that require distancing from the scene of suffering, or just want a complete mind makeover.

You will do intensive work on a personal level including past, present and future life, but you will absolutely love discovering yourself.

The success of this programme relies on your determination and openness to work on personal issues and your resilience and discipline in life.

At the end of this package you will feel a profound sense of self and direction in life and will start moving towards self-fulfillment.

This package is suitable for face to face meetings only, for both individual and couple work (when both partners are committed to work together through their problems).

Fees: variable depending on location & availability.

To book a One Week Deep Inner Search Holiday contact me here.

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