3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery

Book this programme and have me working exclusively with you for 3 full days, in your place or in any of my locations. 

We will have a total of 12 hours+ of personal exploration, in 6 x 2 hour+ sessions over 3 days, and will meet for daily AM and PM meetings with space of reflection in between.

During these 3 days we will work on your current life experience including all aspects of your existence.

The 3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery invites you to work intensively with your mental map, from your relational style and limited beliefs to your response to constricting societal rules and forgotten dreams and aspirations.

At the end of this programme you will start to reconnect with your real self and what is really meaningful to you and understand what needs to change to bring back excitement and happiness in your lives.

This package is suitable for face to face meetings only, for both individual and couple work.

Fee: variable upon location & availability.

To book a 3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery contact me here.

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