One Day Mindfulness Retreat

If you are tense and exhausted you will love this programme.

Book this and have me working exclusively with you for an entire day (6 hours+), in your place or in any of my locations, including on Costa del Sol by the Mediterranean Sea.

You will have a full day of personal exploration combined with relaxation using mindfulness and other meditation techniques, to achieve tranquillity and relieve high levels of stress and extenuation.

This One Day Mindfulness Retreat will work with you at transpersonal level, regardless of your level of spirituality, and will offer you insight into various healing traditions around the world.

At the end of this programme you will feel invigorated and at peace with your current existence and will discover increased interests in further self-development and personal growth.

This package is suitable face to face only, for one to one, couples, families and groups of friends that feel comfortable working together in an intimate space.

Fee: variable upon location & availability.

To book a One Day Mindfulness Retreat contact me here.

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