We tend to talk about loss in terms of bereavement, but loss is actually constant in our lives.

Since very early in life we learn to gain, but also to lose. We lose objects, homes, people from groups we belonged to, attention, status, experiences, connections, privileges, etc.

This continuous change of people, relationships and circumstances can have significant impact on our ability to connect and live “with” and “without”, and it can affect our sense of belongingness and stability in life, and can become quite unsettling.

This is because, most times, the relationships we develop, regardless if they are positive or negative, are not fully consumed and are very rarely celebrated and closed properly, and they remain somehow hanging somewhere at the back of our minds.

The intimate relationships are in particular challenging, as they are attached to love, sex, assets, sometimes children, group of common friends, etc., and can become very hard to handle, especially when there is betrayal involved or lack of communication, respect and consideration for the other.

Then, we experience the most challenging loss, that one that comes through death. Losing a dear person for good can shatter our lives completely and can take us through a very difficult bereavement process.  

The grief associated with bereavement is a life time process. It can impact all aspects of our lives and can bring numerous existential questions.

Most times it will take us to the bottom of your being where we explore the relationship with ourselves and the fear of death.

These are difficult times and can bring low mood, fear, low vitality, illness, lack of motivation, procrastination, isolation, work complications, financial problems, etc.

It is essential for your wellbeing to have someone guiding you through this process to ensure you bring back a sense of balance and in your life, also acceptance of it as it is, and eventually healing.

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