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Nicoleta is available for a range of media engagements and can be interviewed via phone, email and face to face.

Nicoleta speaks on any topic related to human mind, human nature and the impact of the systems and institutions of this world on our wellbeing:

Wellbeing & Wellness In Our Fast Changing World

The Real Personal Growth & Development

Renewing The Self Journey           

The Roots Of Confidence

Motivation And Success               

Performance & The Sense Of Worth

Identity Behind The Masks            

The Power Of Truth

Finding Meaning & Purpose         

Unlocking The Limiting Beliefs

The Way To Fulfillment       

Balancing The Inner & Outer World

The Key To Positive Relationships

Holding Onto Joy And Happiness

Career & Vocation In The Digital World    

How To Unleash Your Creativity    

Awakening Through Loss & Bereavement 

What’s Beyond Anxiety

Before, During And After Depression      

Addiction – From Causes To Healing

Trauma That Changed Your Life 

Understanding Mental Health Stigma

Counselling & Psychotherapy Limits 

Through The Lenses Of Online Therapy 

Coaching As Empowerment       

The Power Of Mentoring

Understanding Human Nature    

Opening The Doors To Intuition & Wisdom

Learning About Self-Care & Self-Compassion              

The Distance Between Hurt And Healing

Living With Shame & Guilt        

Sexuality Beyond Taboos And Prejudice