Executive Coaching

Executive coaching works well for you if you are in busy and demanding role and live a tiring or exhausting life, but also if you are at the start of your career and are looking to ensure smooth progression, regardless if your are in leadership or not.

I have personally worked in both small and large corporate organisations, being managed also leading up to 50 member teams, giving and receiving 360 degree feedback, and I know from my own experience how helpful executive coaching can be in times of conflict, change or personal crisis.

This process does not intervene in your work related field (although a certain level of knowledge of your industry is essential for me, the coach), but rather aims to focus on you the person in your professional role.

I will work with you around your strengths, weaknesses, resilience and your perceived and acknowledged sense of performance and efficacy. We will also explore your decision making process, your communication style, your work attitudes and relational patterns.

We will talk about your level of commitment, motivation and creativity, and look into your mindset and core beliefs as potential treats against your performance and fulfillment of our goals.

 Create space for a new way of being at work

 I will guide you to consider how you feel in your work, if you retained or lost passion and if you still feel job satisfaction. Our work will also explore the time investment versus income & job satisfaction, also the impact of your private and social life in work and vice versa.

In our fast-paced world, we need to take a look at how the planet and your industry are changing and how that impacts on your sense of overall wellbeing, hoping to create space for a new way of being at work.

Ultimately, we will move into a space where you will remember that work is only one aspect of your existence and accept that your wellbeing is at the center of your lives and essential to everything you look to accomplish in your career.  

Working with me in executive coaching will be a relaxed process and can be very enjoyable and highly transformational.

Fees starting from 150 Euros/GBP. 

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