Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is nowadays a very popular practice.

It is easy to understand, adhere to and practice, it does not challenge beliefs and will give you the feeling that it simplifies your life rather then complicate it, like other practices. And it is true.

Mindfulness can be practiced with or without guidance, but at the beginning it has increased benefits if practiced with guidance, especially when the practitioner has good understanding of the human mind functioning.

I will start my mindfulness practice with you by explaining that you have many mindful moments in life regardless if you make note of them or not. In our fast changing modern world you need to make a conscious effort to embrace them more oftenly in order to make a difference to your wellbeing.

This practice involves growing awareness of your being in your wholeness, also connection with the world around you through all of your senses. It allows you to stop the flow of constant thinking and judgement and facilitates stillness and inner peace in your soul.

In stillness, you do not have to stop your flowing mind, but observe your bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, images, shapes and colours that might stream your minds, then recognize them and acknowledge them as they are, before you learn to let them go and release them from your consciousness. As you progress in your mindfulness practice, you will learn to remain alert and aware, but give less attention to your thinking process.

Reset your overworked mind

My mindfulness practice will reset your overworked mind and will have fantastic therapeutic benefits if you continue to practice it with regularity.

I would show you how much you can learn about yourself through this meditation practice. You will see that when you allow yourself to be mindful of your present moment you gain insight into your inner world, and get a greater understanding of how you relate with the outer world. 

This will not only enhance your present positive life experiences, but it can also equip you with the resources needed to manage future distressful and challenging events in your life.

Fees starting from 100 Euros/GBP. 

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