My Personal Exploration model is a powerful wellbeing programme that works with your wholeness & depth, beyond the medical model and away from labels, diagnosis and evaluations to guide you transform your life the way you want. 

It developed as a natural professional progression into a fresh, modern and creative approach to talking-therapies, integrating what is best in the practice of psychology, transpersonal psychology, coaching, mentoring, mindfulness, counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.


I started as a professional working in the mental health field, but I see beyond the medical model. I value and use all the robust theories of mind validated by science and I translate them in jargon free plain language for my clients.

In my narrative I like to use simple words and avoid labels. They are unnecessary and detrimental when they get integrated into our identity. I prefer to look at our life experience as being a natural human manifestation.

You will find it refreshing to be with me in a  person to person space, just sharing our common existence on Earth, away from evaluations and judgment. 

My work creates a caring and accepting environment and shows respect for your past history, culture and unique life experience. I am strong believer in personal growth and I know from experience that my work makes life changing and lasting impact when it is encouraging and caring and not punishing. I know how important this is because sometimes I do repair work with people that have been previously stretched  towards unrealistic deadlines, exhaustion and brainwashing. 

Sadly, the modern trends that push people towards becoming “the best”, be “winners”, “achieve more”, “not settle”, and follow various models of success, do not consider the wholeness of the person and the context of their life. Some practices are sometimes taken to the extreme and can become more hindering than helpful to our mental wellbeing on a long run. This is why I will empower you to search within and set realistic and meaningful goals and this way write your own story of success and good life on Earth.

Ultimately, human life is about much more than “having” and “doing” and, whilst working on your dreams for the future and on healing your woulds from the past, you can learn to enjoy the present moment, appreciate what you have here and now, and live a life you love, created by you and not by others.

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My work is creative and unique, fully tailored to your needs and circumstances, and no session feels like the other. I make use of all the theories of mind I learned throughout the years, and I draw on all the experience I accumulated in my personal life and while working with people.

I like to take time for reflection in between meetings and I find each encounter unique, even with people I worked with for a very long time. The aim is to allow myself to enter that space with no agenda or bias and to open myself to the experience of that rare and special relationship we can develop, with care, respect and integrity.

In that space, I aim to be a person true to myself and not a robot, therefore the work becomes more art then science. Put simply, I am co-creating together with you a powerful platform for inquiry and exploration, to ease upsets and suffering and to enhance your experience in life.

I will empower you to drive the work in the direction you desire and how deep you can go each time, and I will join you into your inner world, guiding you to reach understanding of self, others and the world around you, gain clarity in life, heal your inner wounds, nurture your relationships, achieve your goals and fulfill your life dreams.

I will guide you uncover those infinite resources of love, kindness, compassion, knowledge, strength, intuition and wisdom you hold inside, and in this process you will know yourself, find clarity and direction in life, move through conflicts, heal inner wounds, step out of your default functioning and edit your being to create a life you love living. 

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When you work with me, I will create for you a safe platform for personal exploration, that will allow you to look within, explore yourself, your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and open your mind to the hidden aspects of your life experience that for a reason or another have been prevented from coming up into your conscious mind. 

This process will help you remove blockages, reach awareness and eventually awaken to a new being. Essentially, at the core of my work is the relational aspect of your being, starting with the relationship you have with yourselves, the significant ones and all of the others in your life, also the relationship you develop with the nature and the universe around you.

My style of work has taken shape over the years and is continuously evolving. It includes life and work experience, a lot of common sense, good knowledge of the human mind and human nature, and appreciation for our human life in the set of systems and institutions created by our modern world. Since no modality is better than another, I am integrating in my work all four major schools of though studied over various courses, and a large variety of tools and interventions which are not meant to blind but rather guide me.

I call my style of work the Personal Exploration Model and I consider it a very fresh, modern and creative approach to talking therapies, outside of the medical model and free from labels, diagnosis and evaluations. I created my Personal Exploration Model as a natural professional progression informed by my work with people and the realisation that people feel more at ease to explore their lives in a person to person space than in a clinical setting which most times they tend to avoid because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

I developed my Personal Exploration Model as an wellbeing programme in an absolute organic way, integrating what is best in the practice of psychology, transpersonal psychology,  coaching,  mentoring,  counselling,  hypnotherapy,  mindfulness and psychotherapy.   To give you an idea of what our work might involve, I am offering you a short description below: 

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My Personal Exploration Model starts from the perspective of HERE and NOW, which is at the core of your being at any given time, and is moving when needed either backwards towards the PAST or forwards towards the FUTURE.

This model allows us to look up into your CONSCIOUS processes and down into your UNCONSCIOUS world in a very natural way, and aims to offer us some understanding as how your present has been shaped by your past and how it might influence your future, also some insight into how your awareness or shadows from your hidden mind can impact on your being.

In the HEAR and NOW I usually use mindfulness meditation to show you how to focus on the present moment and reach awareness of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensation, which has proven to release distress and foster wellbeing. Coaching is generally starting in the HERE and NOW also, and moves gradually towards your dreams and aspirations for the future.

When we need to work around your FUTURE I usually draw on a humanistic perspective, integrating the existential frame and the person to person relationship in a supportive and encouraging way. The aim is to connect you with who you really are or who you want to become, and stimulate you to live an authentic life and to embrace the fullness of living.

If we need to work with the PAST, I will use the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic modalities, exploring your early years of life with focus on the attachment with the caregivers and the development of sense of self & others. I aim to guide you understand your impulses and drives, recognize and accept your roots, release tension, heal your old wounds, and modify repetitive failures of interpersonal relationship, which will have an amazing re-constructive effect on your mind.

At a CONSCIOUS level I usually work with cognitive and behavioural tools, but also transactional analysis, gestalt therapy and solution focused therapy, all offering you a re-educative experience. The aim is to guide you understand that some of your problems are caused by your dysfunctional thinking and maladaptive behaviours, and this way embrace change. I will also offer you insight into the multiplicity of human experiencing and how various parts of your selves respond to challenges and move through conflict, looking to ease your suffering and stimulate awakening.

The UNCONSCIOUS is addressed through most interventions, but some of them are specifically targeting the deep level of your mind. They include hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology and spirituality. These practices are looking to uncover unconscious material which might act as a barrier in your attempts to enjoy life, grow and expand your being. I aim to encourage you to discover or nurture your spiritual side and connect with the energy of the Universe in the search for what is meaningful to you and what gives your life purpose.

My Personal Exploration Model is both a holistic and integrative wellbeing programme that allows you to connect with all facets of your selves and integrate them into your harmonious being, to fosters mental wellbeing and maturation.

To find out how my Personal Exploration Model integrates in our work check out my slow-paced Wellbeing Packages and my intensive Exclusive Wellbeing Packages.

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There are some essential differences between the conventional therapies following the medical model and my Personal Exploration Model.

The conventional therapies following the medical model take a polarized view to mental wellbeing and splits the human experience in either mentally healthy or mentally ill.

They assert that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness and see human life experience as being a symptom related to an illness based on a set of diagnostic criteria.

The therapies following the medical model will look to change the people from outside and remove the symptom from their lives. This is why most times the results do not last because they do not consider the wholeness of the person.

My Personal Exploration Model looks at human experience as a natural manifestation and views wellbeing oscillating naturally on a continuum of experience, back and forth between well and unwell.

The Personal Exploration Model will guide people within themselves to find out who they are and who they want to be, what is meaningful to them in life and how they want to live their lives.

In this personal exploration space people go to the source of their struggles and reach awareness and understanding of self which helps them find life changing solutions to their problems.

The Personal Exploration Model asserts that all people go through similar experiences in life which will encourage people feel their lives are adequate and will empower them to share their inner experiences with the others.

The Personal Exploration Model has developed especially because people felt more inclined to connect with their inner worlds in a personal exploration space than in a clinical setting where there was assessment, judgement and evaluations. 

A clinical setting makes people think there is something wrong with them, they feel labeled and start building defenses which makes the change and healing process difficult.

The Personal Exploration Model will make people feel that they are absolutely fine to feel that way and look at their experiences as being natural and possible to be altered and changed. This will encourage them open to their inner experience and accept and understand their human nature and their drives, impulses, desires, thoughts and emotions.

When people accept themselves, they live in congruence with whom they actually are, they are true to themselves, there is harmony between their inner and outer worlds and they align themselves to their real path in life, with what was meant for them to be.

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