You came to life with a unique DNA fingerprint, but as a BLANK SHEET of experience. Your experience in the womb, your parents and the school have coloured your story step by step until your adult age. From there onward, the world around you continued to influence and shape your life.

You are here today in this shape and colours. They describe your values and character, your beliefs and behaviours, your personality, your entire being.

Some of these shapes and colours are aligned with the real you, others are only adaptive responses to the experiences from your early life. 

You can choose to live your life with the makeup given by others, or you can erase what is no longer needed and use your own crayons to colour your life the way you want. 

Guided personal exploration will aid you in that process.


It took me time to discover the power of guided personal exploration. I started as a professional working in the mental health field, but I permitted myself to see beyond the medical model. I value and use all the robust theories of mind validated by science and I translate them in jargon free plain language for my clients.

In my narrative I like to use simple words and avoid labels. They are unnecessary and detrimental when they get integrated into our identity. I prefer to look at our life experience as being a natural human manifestation.

You will find it refreshing to be with me in a person to person space, just sharing our common existence on Earth, away from judgment and evaluations. 

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I call my style of work the Personal Exploration Model and I consider it a very fresh, modern and creative approach to talking therapies, outside of the medical model and free from labels, diagnosis and evaluations. I created my Personal Exploration Model as a natural professional progression informed by my work with people and the realisation that people feel more at ease to explore their lives in a person to person space than in a clinical setting because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

I developed my Personal Exploration Model as an wellbeing programme in an absolutely organic way, integrating what is best in the practice of psychology, transpersonal psychology,  coaching,  mentoring,  counselling,  hypnotherapy,  mindfulness and psychotherapy.   To give you an idea of what our work might involve, I am offering you a short description below: 


– The conventional therapies following the medical model take a polarized view to mental wellbeing and split the human experience in either mentally healthy or mentally ill.

+ The Personal Exploration Model looks at our life experience as being a natural human manifestation and views mental wellbeing oscillating naturally on a continuum of experience, back and forth between well and unwell.

– The medical model asserts that 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental illness and perceives human life experience as a symptom related to an illness, based on a standard set of diagnostic criteria. To avoid being labeled and categorised, people will hide their inner experience and suppress their emotions.

+ The Personal Exploration Model asserts that people go through similar experiences in life which is an inclusive and accepting stance. This empowers people to feel adequate and encourages them to share their inner experiences with others.

– The therapies following the medical model aim to change the people from the outside, to alter their thinking and behaviours and remove the symptoms from their lives. They apply the same treatment to everybody and most times the results do not last because they do not consider the uniqueness and the wholeness of the person.

+ The Personal Exploration Model is guiding people within themselves to find out who they really are, who they want to be, what is meaningful to them in life and how they want to live their lives. The work is tailored to each person which is helping people understand themselves, their drives, impulses, desires, habits, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. This is further helping people find the cause of their struggles and change from the inside out.

– A clinical setting involves  assessment, judgement and evaluation which make people think there is something wrong with them. It makes people feel scrutinized by an “expert” in a complex power dynamic which makes them more prone to build defenses around them and delay the growth & healing process.

+ In the personal exploration space people share their lives at a person to person level, like two people moving together through the joys and sorrows of life. This way people feel encouraged to accept themselves, they start living in congruence with whom they actually are, they learn to live in harmony with their inner and outer world and they align themselves to their real path in life.

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