A movement towards a deeper level of consciousness


Early in her career, Nicoleta, the founder, worked as a clinical psychologist in a palliative care clinic. She quickly noticed that many of her dying patients were voicing out their upsets and regrets for the first time in their lives. 

Deeply moved by those experiences, Nicoleta searched to find out what makes us humans move through life with the flow, disconnected from who we really are inside. 

Nicoleta found that most of our struggles are rooted in our programming, in how we learn to function. Most of us are hurt throughout life and get no chance to heal and, in order to survive, we disconnect from our pain and all there is at the core of our being.

This way, many of us move through life keeping busy and distracted and putting the needs of others first, losing sense of who we really are and what is meaningful to us.

In time, Nicoleta developed great passion to empower people reconnect with their wholeness and depth and started to guide them heal, grow and create authentic and fulfilling lives. 



Inspired by her experience from studies, life and work experience, Nicoleta created THE SIGNIFICANT YOU platform for personal exploration, healing & development to reach out to more people and guide them transform their lives.

Over time, THE SIGNIFICANT YOU  developed organically into a movement towards a deeper level of consciousness which is addressing people like you to inspire you:

⇨ Bring the focus back to the significant you.

⇨ Stimulate you create time and space in your life to find out who you really are, whom you want to become and how you want to live your life.

 ⇨ Encourage you shift your understanding of human life from the theories from books and social conditioning to your living experience, intuition, wisdom & infinite resources to grow.

⇨ Empower you recognize your default functioning and edit your being to transform and create a life you love living.


1. Change perceptions in mental wellbeing

There is no such thing as mental health and mental illness, they are socially constructed concepts developed to make sense of behaviours we cannot fully understand and accept. Mental wellbeing is a natural human manifestation oscillating on a continuum of experience between well and unwell in all of us.


2. Shift focus from individual differences to individual similarities

Our excessive focus on individual differences has brought us conflicts, wars, social division, hurt and injustice. Psychology needs to shift its focus from “otherness” and consider the “togetherness” to encourage inclusion and equality and foster more accepting, tolerant and nurturing relationships.


3. Replace the “normal” with “natural”.

We will never be able to define and measure “normality” sensibly and it’s about time we accept that all that occurs in the nature including our human existence is simply “natural”. There is great need on earth to stop labeling and categorising and start looking at our lives from a  place of no judgement.


4. “Choose who you want to be” campaign.

Too many people live their lives molded by societies, families and schools who tell them who to be, what to think and how to behave. It is time we empower our generation and the ones to come to choose who they want to be and become and how they want to live their lives, to find meaning and purpose in life.


5. Mental wellbeing advocacy around the glob. 

Stigma and the lack of education and awareness around mental wellbeing keeps millions of people in deep distress and suffering. From the historic trauma resulted from imperialism, colonialism and genocide and the trans-generational impact of social injustice and oppression to the hunger, poverty, wars and illness that affect more than half of the world population, we are all in need of understanding, healing, reconnection, change and development.



Nicoleta is now in the process of setting up The Significant You Charity Trust together with a group of trustees/friends who share her passion for wellbeing and wellness, have studies in psychology, sociology and law, and have extensive work experience with various communities in the UK and other European countries.

The Significant You Charity Trust is set to operate for the public benefit and promote wellbeing advocacy through the advancement of education, health, human rights, equality and diversity, and the relief of adult population in need in any part of the world, via public campaigns, alone or in collaboration with other charities and social partners such as governments, private companies, health and care organisations, also via workshops, seminars, conferences, training courses, online resources, telephone and face to face individual and group befriending, and coaching support.



VISION – We exist to spread goodness and wellbeing in the world.

MISSION – We guide people learn about themselves, others and the world, and create lives they love living.



Guide people learn to be well in all aspects of their lives.

Human mind

Teach people how the human mind works.

Human nature

Educate people about our human nature

Self worth

Support people develop a strong sense of self-worth.

Personal growth

Guide people connect with who they are and develop into who they want to become.

Positive relationships

Support people develop positive, inclusive, tolerant and accepting relationships with themselves, others and the world.


Support people in need to cope with life difficulties and regain a sense of wellbeing.


Passion for life

We live our life with passion and make the best of each day.


We live our life with honesty and fairness towards ourselves and the others.


We care about ourselves, others and the world.


We respect ourselves, others and the world around us.


We value equality, similarity and diversity.


We connect with our resources and creativity and change the world.


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