The Significant You is a practice-informed platform for personal exploration, learning and development.

It aims to bring the focus back to the significant you and shift your understanding of human life from the theories from books to your living experience, intuition, wisdom & infinite resources to grow.


Nicoleta, the founder, has met in her private, social and professional life a large variety of people across cultures. 

9 out of 10 told her they were struggling in at least one aspect of their existence. Only 1 out of 10 took action and spoke to a professional about what was going on in their life.

All these people had in common a genuine desire to be well in life, yet most of them avoided to seek the support of a practitioner. Some were comfortable to function on automatic pilot and created little time and space for personal insight. Others were too concerned with the stigma associated with mental illness.

As a passionate wellbeing advocate, Nicoleta searched for avenues to empower people become aware of their inner lives, talk about their experiences, overcome their struggles and create lives they really loved living.

Over the years, Nicoleta learned that most of our struggles are rooted in our programming, in how we learn to function. 

We learn to “be” and “become” observing and imitating the world around us which naturally becomes our “default” functioning.

Family is protecting us from seeing the reality of our world and school is teaching us many sciences, yet none will introduce us to wellbeing, self-care and self-compassion.

Shaped by our modern society, we live under the pressure to perform and achieve and we are defined by “having” and “doing”, finding very little time for “being”.

We are taught to master our emotions, to restrain, to follow more rules and to work harder. Our  fast, artificial and challenging world does not encourage self-awareness and sometimes we struggle to find genuine purpose and meaning in life and to appreciate what we have. 


Nicoleta created this practice-informed platform for personal exploration & development TO BRING THE FOCUS BACK TO THE SIGNIFICANT YOU. 

⇨ To inspire you create time and space in your life to find out who you really are, who you want to become and how you want to live your life.

 ⇨ To encourage you shift your understanding of human life from the theories from books to your living experience, intuition, wisdom & infinite resources to grow.

⇨ To empower you step out your default functioning and edit your being to create that life you love living.


1. Challenge mentalities around mental WELLBEING

2. shift focus from individual differences to individual similarities

3. Replace the ‘normal” with “natural’

4. “choose who you want to be” campaign

5. mental wellbeing advocacy around the globe


Nicoleta is now in the process of setting up The Significant You Charity Trust together with a group of trustees/friends who share her passion for wellbeing and wellness, have studies in psychology, sociology and law, and have extensive work experience with various communities in the UK and other European countries.

The Significant You Charity Trust is set to operate for the public benefit and promote wellbeing advocacy through the advancement of education, health, human rights, equality and diversity, and the relief of adult population in need in any part of the world, via public campaigns, alone or in collaboration with other charities and social partners such as governments, private companies, health and care organisations, also via workshops, seminars, conferences, training courses, online resources, telephone and face to face individual and group befriending, and coaching support.



VISION – We exist to spread goodness and wellbeing in the world

MISSION – We guide people learn about themselves, others and the world, and create lives they love living



Guide people learn to be well in all aspects of their lives

Human mind

Teach people how the human mind works

Human nature

Educate people about our human nature

Self worth

Support people develop a strong sense of self-worth

Personal growth

Guide people connect with who they are and develop into who they want to become

Positive relationships

Support people develop positive, inclusive, tolerant and accepting relationships with themselves, others and the world


Support people in need to cope with life difficulties and regain a sense of wellbeing


Passion for life

We live our life with passion and make the best of each day 


We live our life with honesty and fairness towards ourselves and the others 


We care about ourselves, others and the world


We respect ourselves, others and the world around us


We value equality, similarity and diversity 


We connect with our resources and creativity and change the world