The Significant You is a platform for personal exploration, learning and development.

It aims to shift our understanding of human life from the theories from books to the living experience and people’s intuition, wisdom & infinite resources to grow.

Nicoleta, the founder has met a large variety of people across cultures. 9 out of 10 told her they needed to talk to someone about at least one aspect of their existence. Only 1 out of 10 took action and spoke to a professional about what was going on in their life.

All the people had in common a genuine desire to be well in life. Those that went ahead and sought the support of a practitioner had something more: they were ready to strip themselves of the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that made them unwell and were willing to create space for a renewed self.

Nicoleta taught these people to use personal exploration as a tool to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. They gained insight into their inner worlds and connected with whom they genuinely were and what was really meaningful to them in life.

People that embarked on a personal exploration journey with guidance achieved astonishing results. They reached clarity and understanding in their lives, registered significant growth as human, social & professional beings and, most importantly, experienced a strong sense of transformational healing.

Nicoleta established The Significant You platform to encourage people use personal exploration as a tool to learn about themselves, move out of their default functioning and edit their being to create lives they love living.

This novel platform is currently offering several modern talking therapies and a few gold packages and is expected to evolve in time. A number of online courses are now in progress, together with plans for a radio podcast, YouTube channel and a charity trust that will offer wellbeing advocacy around the globe.

The vision is to make these resources engage with topics like: human mind, human nature and the impact of the social world in our lives, to raise awareness, shift perceptions, ease distress and empower people live authentic lives and make the best of their existence on Earth

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3 MINDSET change goals

1. Shift focus from individual differences to individual similarities
2. Replace the "normal' with "natural"
3. "choose who you want to be" campaign

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